Our story

Online innovation in a dynamic environment. Data-driven marketing. Always with the aim of helping companies and organizations grow.

Online marketing

Monkeybridge was founded in 2015 as a dynamic spin-off from sister company Webbouwers , a specialized company in web technology.

The major impact of online developments in society on business operations, future sustainability and growth of companies could be positively enhanced by making smart use of the possibilities in the field of digital marketing. The smart use of these possibilities remains Monkeybridge’s core strength to this day.

Data-driven marketing

Monkeybridge is evolving into a data-driven marketing agency. By focusing on data-driven online marketing, we ensure that a company or organization can make informed choices and decisions for the future. Without relying on “gut feelings”.

Collecting and analyzing relevant and specific data for the organization in question provides an important and extremely valuable guideline when making decisions and (interim) assessment of decisions made.

 In collaboration with our customers, we provide advice, support and relief, both in terms of content, strategically and practically.


The experience we have gained in various industries (Retail, Energy, Real Estate, Healthcare, Government) has convinced us that standard advice and solutions are not sufficient. After all, every company or organization is unique, with its own objectives, its own ambitions and its own culture.

Our customer-oriented approach is valued because we not only offer a partnership, but create a team that understands goals and is fully committed to achieving them. We work side by side with our clients to turn their vision into tangible results. We are proud that our customers have been choosing this way of working together for many years.

Example of a Large Language Model (LLM)

AI revolution

The AI ​​revolution marks the beginning of a new era. Artificial intelligence offers new opportunities for innovation, cost savings, service and expansion of product and service packages. It is crucial for organizations to embrace these groundbreaking developments in a responsible manner.

From our technical IT background, we see the possibilities in the field of AI. We make smart use of various applications of AI and use this every day in our collaborations. We translate the opportunities into concrete solutions, so that your organization is ready for the future and makes optimal use of all the opportunities of digital innovations.