Implementing an online search tool 

Purchasing Social Domain Central Gelderland is a partnership of eleven municipalities in the central Gelderland region in the field of purchasing customized facilities in the social domain. The implementation is done by Inkoop Sociaal Domein Centraal Gelderland, or SDCG.


A completely new search tool has been implemented on the existing SDCG website in which contracted offers from providers are presented in an attractive and intuitive way to the collaborating municipalities.

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Application from functional concept to production
Optimal UX design developed
Integration tool into existing live environment
Case mockup SDCG

Our approach

A UX expert set to work to create an attractive design for the tool and coordinate all functionalities with the customer. The developers from our sister company Web Builders then started implementing the Web Builders360 package. Webbers360 offers the options to ensure that a completely new tool, as a widget, can be added to an existing website.


The result of this process is an attractively designed search tool for all contracted providers of SDCG, taking into account an optimal User Experience.

During the process, Monkeybridge formed the intermediary between SDCG and Web Builders and served as a sparring partner. Monkeybridge helped with the project coordination to ensure that an accurate end result could be achieved in a short time. We stand next to the customer, always with the end user in mind.

Example of a Large Language Model (LLM)

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