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ZorgDomein is an independent digital healthcare platform. Here, healthcare providers can offer, find and arrange the best possible care for every patient. ZorgDomein has now grown into the most used healthcare platform in the Netherlands.


Strong visual material for campaigns and communications used by Zorgdomein at general practices. This has been addressed by Monkeybridge through optimal use of advanced AI image software. (promptografie) All images are 100% virtual.

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“By being critical of the results during the feedback sessions, we ultimately generated beautiful images that fit perfectly with ZorgDomein’s style.”

– Lieke Resink, ZorgDomein

Conceptual flexibility
Streamlined creative process
Accessible and efficient

Our approach

The process started with a briefing from the customer, in which vision and wishes were discussed. We started working on four concepts per image (a 4-panel), ending with an initial feedback session. After this session, ZorgDomein selected the two best concepts for further development. 

The next phase focused on detail improvement and post-processing. Details have been carefully adjusted or improved. This was discussed with the customer in a third feedback session. Based on this feedback session, the final finishing touches were put in place and the final result was delivered with ten premium images.



Strong visual material for campaigns and communications in general practices. All our visual content is generated using advanced AI imaging software. We use artificial intelligence to create powerful visual materials. No photographers, photo studios, models or actors are used in our images. Everything is 100% virtual.

Image 1: Healthcare professionals briefly talk to each other in the hallway. 
Image 2: Patients are waiting in the waiting room for their appointment.
Picture 3: General practitioners are done for the day and close the practice. They walk out the door together, outside with their doctor’s bag and then get on their bikes home.

Customer review

“Together with Monkeybridge, we have started an AI photography pilot for ZorgDomein. Since our own photography costs a lot of money and time and it is often difficult to match the content and style with stock photography, AI photography seemed to us to be a suitable way to create powerful photos. The collaboration with Monkeybridge was very pleasant due to their expertise, enthusiasm and structured working method. We started with a clear planning and concrete briefing. After the first proposals, we were already quite enthusiastic about the good quality By being critical of the results, we ultimately generated beautiful images that perfectly match the style of ZorgDomein. We are really surprised by the quality of AI photography and will therefore generate more AI photos in collaboration with Monkeybridge.”
Lieke Resink

Senior Marketer, ZorgDomein

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