A data-driven online campaign for nutritional supplements

Lucovitaal Case
Lucovitaal is one of the best-known brands in nutritional supplements in the Netherlands. With the webshop developed by our partner Webbouwers.com, new online ambitions arose at Lucovitaal.


The aim of the online campaign was a substantial increase in online sales of Magnesium products, mapping the potential online target groups and determining the optimal online channels to reach the target group.

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Lucovitaal Magnesium campagne

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Our approach

We always start our campaigns by making an inventory of the intended target groups. That’s why we started this campaign with in-depth interviews to get an idea of ​​who uses magnesium products and why. With this information we created a clear picture of the target groups and how we could address them. This was the starting point of our online marketing campaign.

Lucovitaal’s goal was not only to achieve more sales, but also to reach new customers with its online promotions. We have therefore built this campaign around the ‘buyer journey’. The buyer journey, literally the ‘customer journey’, consists of three phases: Awareness, Consideration and Decision. The aim is to take the (potential) customer on this journey, with the final destination ideally being an action by the customer, such as a purchase.

In the Lucovitaal campaign we focused these phases on how the magnesium products could solve the customer’s problem or question. The three phases were therefore focused on the vivid description of the problem or question and how the magnesium products could provide a solution. We could monitor how things were going via a specially designed campaign dashboard, which showed all real-time statistics of our actions. Conclusion: it went well.


Our approach has yielded a lot for Lucovitaal. Sales of magnesium products through the webshop grew enormously and the number of new customers also increased explosively. In addition, Lucovitaal gained many new insights about its customers during this campaign. What was particularly striking was the big difference between her offline and online customers. Lucovitaal can use this information in its further marketing and communication campaigns.

We are satisfied with the results, but more importantly: Lucovitaal is satisfied. And with the results mentioned and an average Return On Investment (ROI) of +180.62 (!) this is of course easy to understand.

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