Implementing a branding strategy in healthcare

ZorgDomein case
ZorgDomein is an independent digital healthcare platform. Here, healthcare providers can offer, find and arrange the best possible care for every patient. ZorgDomein has now grown into the most used healthcare platform in the Netherlands.


In order to achieve an increase in the number of applicants, the challenge was to develop a working environment for ZorgDomein in an attractive way.

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Increase in visitors


Increase in views


Increase in average session duration
ZorgDomein WerkenBij mockup

Our approach

Using an employer branding strategy, an attempt was made to tell the story of ZorgDomein from the eyes of the employees. In this way we make the ZorgDomein brand more attractive to potential applicants.

A strategic redesign has been made for the new Working environment on the ZorgDomein website. We have reflected this redesign on the pages through short quotes from employees linked to interviews in which the employees tell their stories.



In order to analyze the success of the page, KPIs were examined that should contribute to achieving the ultimate main goal, namely more applicants. The rollout of the employer branding strategy and redesign has led to a substantial increase in visitor numbers and page views on the new Werken bij environment.

The number of visitors increased by 64% and the number of page views by 66%. In addition, we also saw an increase in actual engagement on the pages with the average session time of visitors increasing by 25%Visible results are achieved by using current employees as ambassadors for the ZorgDomein brand.

Example of a Large Language Model (LLM)

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